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ILSE Secretariat (Bad Nenndorf, Germany)
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Board of Directors / General Assembly / Education Commission / Rescue Commission / Sport Commission / Development Aid Commission / Medical Advisor / Lifeguards / Resuscitation
Statutes and minutes of various meetings of different ILSE commissions
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Minutes of the meetings of the education commission in conjunction with the minutes of the meetings of the rescue commission and of the sports commission in Sofia (Bulgaria) 18th - 20th January 2002, in Glasgow (Scotland, Great Britain) 19th - 21st January 2001, in Zandvoort (Netherlands) 21st - 23rd January 2000, in Ischia (Italy) 22nd - 24th January 1999 and in Stavanger (Norway) 9th - 11th January 1998. - Minutes of the meeting of the development aid commission in Glasgow (Scotland) 19th - 21st January 2001, in Zandvoort (Netherlands) 21st January 2000 and in Stavanger (Norway) 10th January 1998.


Also contains: Minutes and appendices of the meetings of the Board of Directors in Szczecin (Poland) 14th - 17th October 1999, in Budapest  (Hungary) 7th June 2002, in Cavtat (Croatia) 11th May 2001, in Egmond aan Zee (Netherlands) 12th - 14th May 2000, in Cork (Ireland) 23rd - 25th April 1999 and in Vienna (Austria) 26th - 28th June 1998. - Minutes of the General Assembly in Szczecin (Poland) 15th - 16th October 1999. - Minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly in Budapest (Hungary) 8th June 2002 and in Cavtat (Croatia) 12th May 2001. - Disqualification codes for events. - Report of the medical advisor regarding the topics of using an automated external defibrillator [AED] by lifeguards and communicable diseases.

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1998 - 2002
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approx. 480
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Please leave empty sheets in the unit. They were added for conservation reasons (running inks or colours!).
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