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ILSE Secretariat (Bad Nenndorf, Germany)
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Tasks of ILSE / Education
EU Partnership Project of the ILSE (EQF [European Qualification Framework]) "Safer Europe by higher qualified Water Safety Managers" in conjunction with the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)
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German Qualifications Framerwork for lifelong learning (15th September 2010, Draft). - "Qualifications Frameworks as instruments for transparency and mobility - an Irish perspective on the EQF Referencing Process" by Dr. Jim Murray and the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland. - Minutes of the 2nd conference of the "German Qualification Frameworks for lifelong learning" for the development of a German Qualifications Framework (DQR). - Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union on the establishment of the European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning (23rd April 2008). - Abstract of the EQF for the Lifeguard Profession at the World Conference on Drwoning Prevention in Danang (Vietnam), 10th - 12th May 2011. - Fundraising of the agency "Förderlotse". - Application form for the EU Partnership Project (EQF and LLP). - "Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships Progress Report". - The Lifesaving Framework in accordance to the EQF. - Levels of Qualifications at the ILSE. - "Document 1 - summary description of the european structure comprising five training levels for coaches, as proposed by the European Network of sport sciences in higher education". - "Document 2 - proceeding and poroposals by the European Network of sport sciences in higher education concerning a european structure comprising five training levels for coaches".



"Der Europäische Qualifikationsrahmen für lebenslanges Lernen (EQR), issued by the Europäische Kommission für Bildung und Kunst (european commission for education and arts), ISBN 978-92-79-08472-0, Luxemburg (mainly in German).

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2008 - 2010
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approx. 450
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Please leave empty sheets in the unit. They were added for conservation reasons (running inks or colours!).
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Partial in German.
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Dr. Peter Josef Belli (Certified Archivist, Berlin, Germany)
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